Ed Driscoll


THE NEW, NEW JOURNALISM, REDUX: Catholic Exchange has run my essay on Web logs, which previously ran last month in SpinTech. (And no, that’s not me on Thursday’s Catholic Exchange home page, it’s some other guy frantically yelling into his monitor (probably because Blogger was down). And that’s also not me in the photo that accompanies the article, it’s the same guy who was yelling into his monitor, who now appears to be very carefully examining the function keys on his keyboard.

Or perhaps he’s frantically trying to get the Dorito crumbs out his keyboard. I’ll never forget taking my old AT&T laptop through the metal detector at Philadelphia International Airport about five years ago, having to open it up, and being told by the rocket scientist of an inspector “Man, you really had a case of the munchies!” Hey, it’s not my fault that the Dorito crumbs seem to propagate in the space between letters. Actually, it is. What can I tell you–I did have a serious case of the munchies back then. Fortunately, I eat slightly more sensibly these days. And I rarely have Doritos and Martinis, which I actually did once back in those days. But I digress.

I wonder if F. Scott Fitzgerald ever got crumbs in his Adler typewriter? Oops, I digressed again. Where was I?

Oh yeah–I do want to apologize for the relative lack of posting today. I spent the afternoon photographing vintage Atari 2600s and related equipment for a future article. (Thanks to Best Electronics in San Jose for the use of their facilities–and especially the use of their 2600s!) And then spent much of the evening cleaning up said photographs, and emailing them out to my editor.