THE BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER INTERNET: While the current Internet, running on a cable modem or 802.11 connection may seem fast, there’s a reason why we’re not watching TV on it, and downloading MP3s, as opposed to listening to them in real time. But that may change in a few years.


I just received a copy (for my files) of the March issue of TecHomeBuilder, a magazine for builders specializing in network-equipped “smart homes”. Inside is my article on Internet2, a research and development consortium of more than 180 universities, about 70 companies and 40 other organizations that are using high-performance networks to test new technologies and deploy new applications. Specifically, an Internet backbone network fast enough to support HDTV and other applications. It also mentions Canarie, which is Canada’s high-speed Internet project. They have a program that could take modem-bonding to an extreme degree, using multiple fiber optic cables linked together to support an enormous amount of bandwidth.

The text of my article is online, but unfortunately, it loses a little something in this translation, especially as it lacks graphics, bold headlines and subheads, etc. However, for more on Internet2, check out:

The Internet2 Website

Canarie’s Website


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