Ed Driscoll


HOW TO HELP TANK THE EUROPEAN ECONOMY: Found on The Corner on National Review Online:

A NEW LOW [Andrew Stuttaford]
Just when you think that the EU has finally plumbed the depths of stupidity, Brussels comes up with something worse. The London Times is reporting that the European Commission is proposing to impose a new tax of up to $75 a ticket on airline travelers. Its excuse? The tax will contribute to the cost of each flight’s supposed contribution to ‘global warming’. The levy would also help Europe’s established airlines against low cost competition, but that, of course, is only a coincidence. For those concerned by recent reports (mentioned on The Corner) that Europe is no warmer than it was one thousand years ago, don’t worry. Brussels will shortly be introducing a tax on all trips by horse and cart.

And clearly, it’s only a matter of time before NATO will start patrolling European waterways looking for riverboat gamblers.