Ed Driscoll

MAXIM-UM SUCK UP: Andrew Sullivan

MAXIM-UM SUCK UP: Andrew Sullivan has a story about a hilarious screw-up by the not-so-bright, chock-full-of-babes Maxim magazine, which tried to suck up to its readers by telling each city how wonderful it was:

Of course, the truly funny thing about Maxim’s goof-up is when it got the delivery wrong and sent New York’s copies to Philadelphia by mistake. If you received the wrong copy in Philly, you were informed that Philadelphia is ” “a glorified piss break between New York and D.C.” You were also told that the average inhabitant of such a city is “a lard-ass with arteries packed as tight as a Colombian airline passenger’s G.I. tract.” If only they’d had the balls to send that out in every copy, I’d respect them.

The whole thing reminds me of a story in Ray Coleman’s biography of Eric Clapton. One evening in the 1970s, when Clapton was on tour, and piss-drunk, he asked his chief roadie what city he was in. “Cleveland”, the roadie replied. Clapton went on stage, and dutifully shouted the standard clich