Ed Driscoll


JUDD, RUFFINI, GOLDBERG ALL AGREE: Chris Matthews sounds like he’s losing it. Orrin Judd writes on the Brothers Judd Blog:

Patrick Ruffini is right, These are the final days of the Chris Matthews show, Hardball, on MSNBC. How can we be so sure? Because he’s making the same mistake that Geraldo Rivera made during the Clinton scandal, turning against his audience.

Geraldo Rivera became a cable hit by beating OJ Simpson like a rented mule. This made him a hero to middle Americans, sick of the mainstream media pussyfooting around the issue. Then he decided to defend Bill Clinton and has never been heard from since. He was supplanted during Impeachment by Chris Matthews, who despite impeccable liberal credentials, simply couldn’t stomach Clinton’s myriad outrages. But now, whether reverting to type or genuinely alarmed, Mr. Matthews has turned against the expansion of the war on terrorism and thereby risks losing his audience.

Judd says, “Look for Mr. Matthews to join Mr. Rivera in a yurt in Afghanistan soon…”