Ed Driscoll


ARTHUR ANDERSEN, UP CPA CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE. FindLaw Legal News is reporting that “Facing possible obstruction of justice charges for its role in the Enron Corp. debacle, accounting firm Andersen is now looking at a Thursday deadline to agree to a guilty plea, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.”

In related news, Nina Yablok, prominent Silicon Valley business attorney , and wife of the owner of the somewhat less prominent, but rapidly growing in popularity, eponymously named Web log EdDriscoll.com, sends this link to the UK Guardian, which says “Arthur Andersen is reportedly holding merger talks with rival Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu as the accountancy giant fights for survival after being tainted in the Enron scandal.

And it seems like everyone but the US is aware of these merger talks. Digital Israel has a similar story.