So We've Entered the 1967 Phase of Obama's Presidency, It Seems

“Woodward: Military Upset Susan Rice Telling Generals How To Fight,” as spotted by Breitbart Video (auto-play video at link, alas):

When host Chris Wallace asked, “Wait a minute, are you saying that — forgive me, Susan Rice, is telling the generals what to do?” Woodard confirmed it by saying, “And they have got all these people in the White House. You talk to people in the military who are there and they say ‘we are being micromanaged and we’re not given a real plan to say what are we going to do here.’ And it’s not the way to run a war or try to win a war.”


As Red State’s Moe Lane warned back in September, “Attention, whoever in the White House monitors this site. Google ‘Lyndon Johnson micromanagement Vietnam’ — Google that RIGHT NOW.”

Perhaps they thought it was a feature.



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