'The Left Discovers You Shouldn’t Collectivize Guilt'

Not a very Christmas-themed post, but then, the idea of December being a slow news cycle has been rendered anathema in the “never let a crisis go to waste” even if you have to gin the crisis up yourself era of Mssrs. Obama and Holder. And as Charles C.W. Cooke writes at National Review Online, “What a difference party identification makes:”


Also playing this game are Media Matters (2011: rhetoric is lethal; 2014: rhetoric is harmless); the NAACP (2011: civility is crucial; 2014: civility is irrelevant); and Al Sharpton (2011: our political discourse has real consequences; 2014: such thoughts are misguided). Elsewhere, the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery — a man who was quick to jump on Sarah Palin’s map back in 2011 — yesterday mocked the notion that words and behavior might lead to murder, while Politico’s Glenn Thrush pooh-poohed suggestions that he had once made himself. In 2011, his Twitter feed shows, Thrush treated Gabby Giffords’s shooting as “a watershed moment that will immediately redefine current debate and view of pols embracing of extreme rhetoric.” Yesterday, he shamed Governor Pataki for advancing the very same theory.

What a difference party identification makes.

Well yes. But then, it was the left that decided to collectivize guilt and race shame the American people merely for daring to vote out the Democrat majority two months before the tragic incident in Tucson, by some of the same Democratic operatives with bylines pundits that Charles quotes in his article.


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