IRS Head Waited 2 Months to Tell Congress, FBI About Lost Emails

Video at the Weekly Standard, where Michael Warren quotes this exchange between Republican congressman Jim Jordan and America’s newly-minted superstar of stage, screen and (perhaps) perjury, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen:


JORDAN: Who’d you tell? Did you tell the White House?

KOSKINEN: I never told the White House….

JORDAN: Did you tell anyone at Treasury? Did you tell any of your bosses?

KOSKINEN: I did not tell anyone at Treasury either.

JORDAN: Did you talk to anyone about this?


JORDAN: When did you tell Congress?

KOSKINEN: We produced a public report ten days ago.

JORDAN: So you knew in April and you waited two months to tell this body?

KOSKINEN: Correct.

Gee, why would Koskinen wait for two months to report his predecessor’s lost emails to a GOP Congress? Perhaps this factoid sheds some light into his actions.

Update: “Dear God, Please make @TGowdySC the next US Attorney General.” “The other Republicans should just yield their time to Gowdy:”

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More: As I said, run hard and proud on this campaign strategy, Democrats; spread the word to everyone in America — “Hearts and minds, Democrats. I’ll help you with the bumper stickers.”



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