The Great Barack & Roll Swindle

“Hey Kids: Tonight You’re Young, Tomorrow You’re Unemployed,” Nick Gillespie writes at Reason on “The Grammys, Obama’s State of the Union, and What’s Really Wrong with Today’s Youth:”


…if a New York Times story that came out the same day as the Grammys is to be trusted, the kids today support the personification of wet blanket government – Barack Obama – far more than any other age range and the under-30 crowd is the only group who ardently believes government “should do more to solve problems.”  Which is really tantamount to saying that government should do more to cause problems.

In fact, in Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, Obama even proposed at least two new programs that promise only to make things slightly worse for American youth. All things being equal, his proposed mininum wage hike – from $7.25 an hour to $9.00 an hour – will only push under-30 joblessness upwards (mandating higher pay for unproven employees doesn’t make them desirable). And his bold proposal for universal preschool means that the four-year-olds of the future will have one less year to roam free (Obama also sketched plans to warehouse still more young people in colleges and vocational schools as well).

So knock yourselves out, kids, when it comes to boozy hook-ups at bars – or the ballot box for that matter. Set the world on fire, burn bright, and all that. Tonight, you’re young. Tomorrow, you’re either unemployed or working to pay for the retirements of the folks who are cleaning out the buffet tables before you’re even out of your seats.

Until you realize that the older generation is scamming you – contra the Who, they didn’t die before they got old – and you channel your inner Johnny Rotten, your future looks a lot less promising than that of fun. (who were also named Best New Artist last week) and a lot more like that of defrocked Grammy winners Milli Vanilli. Until you stop lip-synching along to the policies that are limiting your futures, this could be as good as it gets for you.


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