Sunday Supper in the House of Stephanopoulos

“Unreal… ABC’s This Week Has Sen. Menendez On For Entire Segment – Forgets to Ask About Underage Hooker Scandal.”

On Friday the news broke that the FBI has been investigating top Democratic Senator Bob Menendez for having sex with underage Dominican hookers.

For some reason the ABC host Martha Raddatz forgot to ask Menendez about the hooker scandal.


She didn’t forget to ask — she was simply trying to be courteous to her guest. My mom always insisted that the conversation during Sunday supper was light and breezy — apparently the same Victorian-inspired rules apply whenever George invites his close personal friends over on Sundays as well.

Related: Ace links to Rich Lowry’s piece on why “Rush Limbaugh Was Right About Obama,” and adds:

Now even liberals are saying Obama gave a liberal speech, and has outed himself as a liberal. But where, then, are the apologies for attacking Limbaugh?

They won’t be forthcoming, of course, because in their minds, the liberals behaved properly throughout the miserably long five year dinner party — they suppressed the truth when it was socially favored to suppress it (that is to say, when they themselves decided it was socially favored to suppress it) and then the giddily expressed the long-suppressed truth when it was socially acceptable to do so (that is to say, when they themselves agreed mutually that it was now socially acceptable to express it).

On the other hand, Palin, Limbaugh, Levin and the rest just behaved abomidably, what with their rude statements of obvious truths which all good-mannered people were furiously attempting to ignore or hide.

No class, no class. Classy people know when it’s okay to lie — because “classy people” are privileged with the power of making up the rules as to when it’s okay to lie.

As they set the rules — to benefit themselves and to protect and extend their own socially-privileged positions — they can never be disadvantaged by their rules. If they sense a personal disadvantage flowing from the rules they’ve made up, they just change the rules to grant themselves an advantage again.

And who are you to complain? They’re your betters, you know.


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