Barry, Unleash the Hounds!

Yesterday, we heard Joe Biden — who’s long trafficked in crude racial stereotypes — claim that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are “gonna put y’all back in chains!” Which seems rather an odd remark, considering which party ended slavery, as Bob Owens writes. Perhaps Joe, who’s sometimes not sure of which of America’s 57 states he’s currently visiting at any one time, needs to remind himself which century — heck, maybe which millenia — he’s living in, based on today’s gaffe-o-matic moment:


Let’s face it: there’s no way President Roosevelt would have gone on national television in 1929 and have made such a gaffe.

Yesterday at Commentary, Alana Goodman explored what she calls the MSM’s “Biden Double-Standard:”

The Obama campaign is defending Biden’s racially charged comment, and why not? If past Biden-related goofs are any prediction, this controversy may not have much shelf life. Once again, the media may simply shrug and dismiss this as “Biden being Biden.”

That’s unfortunate, because journalists can’t expect to be fair analysts of the race unless they’re willing to hold Biden accountable for remarks that could ruin any other politician’s career. Right now, every move Paul Ryan makes is being evaluated under a microscope — as it should. But is it too much to ask that our sitting vice president be held to the same standards? He is, after all, a heartbeat away from the presidency at this very moment.

But why would the MSM question Biden’s qualifications to be vice-president, when in 2008 they championed that year’s presidential campaign’s equivalent of Miskel Spillman for the Oval Office?


Incidentally, that’s some photo of Biden that Drudge has been running for the past couple of days:

Speaking of obscure pop culture references, Joe Biden morphed into Julian Beck so slowly…



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