Still, I Hear the Chocolate Ration is Going Through the Roof

Recovery Bummer

Two administration in one!

Vice President Joe Biden today will kick off the Obama administration’s “Recovery Summer,” a six-week-long push designed to highlight the jobs accompanying a surge in stimulus-funded projects to improve highways, parks, drinking water and other public works.


“Obama, Biden declare ‘Recovery Summer,'” Mike Allen, a member of the Journolist, Obama’s “non-official campaign,” writing in the Politico, June 17th, 2010.

President Obama on Friday said he has no regrets about describing the last three months as the “Recovery Summer.”

“I don’t regret the notion that we are moving forward because of the steps that we have taken,” Obama said in response to a question after he offered comments on the latest unemployment figures.

“Obama stands by ‘Recovery Summer,'” The Hill, September 3, 2010.

If you still don’t remember Recovery Summer, take solace in the fact that David Axelrod, who was a senior administration adviser in 2010, doesn’t remember it either. At least that’s what he told host Chris Wallace this morning on FOX News Sunday. When Wallace pressed him on it, Axelrod, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary, defied Wallace to “show me the tape.”

Here it is. Axelrod was a guest on NBC’s Meet the Press. The air date was June 13, 2010. In fairness to the current Obama campaign adviser, he doesn’t utter the words recovery summer per se but uses the phrases Recovery Act projects and this summer in the same sentence.

Maybe Axelrod would like to take a shot next at explaining what is is.


“Axelrod denies Obama White House ever used phrase ‘Recovery Summer,’” Howard Portnoy, The, today.

Winston Smith of the Ministry of Truth could not be reached for comment. Though as Jim Geraghty likes to say, all of Obama’s promises come with expiration dates especially those promising an economic recovery.



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