Occupy Oakland Protestor: Yeah, We Hit the Cops First. So?


As often is the case, a Lawrence O’Donnell interview goes horribly wrong for MSNBC:

Earlier this week MSNBC host Larry O’Donnell was doing his best to vilify the Oakland PD as heartless monsters who for no reason at all decided to use brutal force on innocent protesters. During an interview with one of the protesters, O’donnell lobs her a softball question and doesn’t get the answer he hoped for when the protester explains who started the violence.


Meanwhile, at other Occupy protests across the country, the threat of violence is an ever-growing theme. The Arizona chapter of the Krugman Army is getting a tad restless: “Flier at Occupy Phoenix asks, ‘When should you shoot a cop?'”

Hot Air has confirmed with the Arizona Department of Public Safety that fliers have been found at Occupy Phoenix instructing people on when to shoot police officers.  First reported by the Jon Justice show on  104.1 FM in Tucson, the flier resulted in a counterterrorism alert issued to all law enforcement agencies in the state:

Copies of an “informational” letter were left on a table for protestors pick up [sic] and read during the “Occupy Phoenix” event at Cesar Chavez Park.  The presence of the letter was reported to the ACTIC by a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Depute who had responded to an unrelated call and was alerted to it by another deputy working the event.

The letter is blatantly anti-government and anti-law enforcement in nature.  It not only condones but even encourages citizens to kill any “government agent” (i.e. law enforcement officers), who in their perception violates their rights.  Examples are given in the document, of “illegal” search and seizure, sobriety and border checkpoints, airport security, etc… In essence this document states that citizens have the right and moral obligation to resist any action by law enforcement that is viewed as a violation of the citizen’s rights, and often-times resistance involves killing officers.

“Occupy” events have drawn protestors for various causes including “Chalk the Police” and “Police Brutality Day”.  With emotions running high in regards to law enforcement and government personnel, there is obvious concern this document could incite actions with protestors to take actions they might not have taken otherwise.


Read the whole thing. Ed Morrissey adds:

I’m curious to see how the media in Arizona and the rest of the nation approach this development.  They went into convulsions retroactive to the Gabrielle Giffords shooting that killed six other people because Sarah Palin used crosshairs on a map once (as had Democrats on a number of occasions), which the media used to paint the Tea Party and conservatives as somehow responsible for the massacre conducted by a madman with no discernibly rational political posture.  Will they hold the Occupy movement to the same ridiculous standard?  I’m betting …. no.

At least on the PDF copy of the flyer, there’s no clip art, so perhaps that will be enough to give them a pass in Krugman’s eyes.

Related: At Gateway Pundit, “Grand Wizard of the KKK Endorses #OWS – Neo-Nazis Patrol #OccupyPhoenix With AR-15s… Media Silent.”

Doesn’t fit the narrative.

Finally, Occupy Madison loses protest permit due to much shorter arms being fired

And for a running count of all of the Occupy incidents so far, John Nolte proffers “#OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far,” complete with links to each incident in more detail.


(Headline inspired by @diggrbiii on Twitter.)


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