Well, It's Not Like He's Also Buddies with a Former Weatherman. Oh Wait.

“Shocking Photos: Barack Obama Appeared and Marched with New Black Panthers in 2007,” Bryan Preston writes at the Tatler:

Breitbart has the story and the photos, which raise questions about a number of things including why the Department of Justice closed its investigation of the New Black Panthers in 2009 — after it had already won that case. PJ Media led the coverage of the DOJ’s dismissal of this case, when J. Christian Adams resigned from the Department over the dismissal and told the story here. Was closure of that case a quid pro quo for the Panthers’ public support of Obama in 2007 and 2008?


As far as the former endorsement, the Sweetness & Light blog has the screen caps of the NBP’s page at Obama’s Website on 2008, until, as with Rev. Wright, they vanished under the bus — at least until their appearance in Philly on election day.

This story will of course gain zero traction in the MSM, as Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air:

You’ll have to go to Big Government’s post to read Breitbart’s lengthy report on the March 2007 campaign appearance of both Democratic candidates, but it’s easy to ask the pertinent question of whether the media will express any interest in this at all.  Over the weekend, the national news outlets seemed agog over Rick Perry and his father leasing hunting rights at a place with a rather disturbing name by the time the 1980s rolled around, a name whose use it appears they tried to discourage.  But as far as I know, the place had no connection with calls to kill children in the name of racial politics — not like the NBPP’s leadership has, anyway, in the personage of King Shamir:

I doubt at all that the timing of Breitbart’s post is coincidental: the WaPo first failed to vet then-candidate Obama in 2008, and then later admitted that most of their staffers were in the tank for him after the 2008 election was over. Today, Breitbart fired (sorry Mr. Krugman) a warning shot across the bow of the MSM: do you really want to run these sorts of thinly-sourced racial hit pieces, considering how deeply in bed the president you helped to elect has been associated with a nexus of radical chic and racialist influences? And just as the ACORN and Weiner stories weren’t broken overnight, but with a slow drip..drip..drip…there’s lots more waiting to remind voters in 2012 about Obama’s radical chic and racialist past.


And as the Professor reminds us, it’s still the economy stupid — and the WaPo and the president’s other campaign staffers want to do anything possible to deflect attention away from his role in making it worse.

Update: Heh.™

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