Finally: Julian Assange Action Figure Released

No really — for $99.00, Mini-Assange can be yours:

Introducing the Julian Assange action figure. Julian Assange’s lifelike head mounted on a 12-inch fully-articulated action figure body with detailed pre-fitted clothes.This package includes Julian Assange’s custom action figure head mounted on a 12-inch action figure body with a several choices of outfit styles. Each figure is made to order and part of the proceeds will be donated to Wikileaks.

By selecting Head only in the Outfit selection box above, you can also buy Julian Assange’s head for $60 only and fit it onto your own 12-inch figurines.


Presumably COBRA should be pretty happy that G.I. Julian is now available to square off against G.I. Obama; while the two fight it out, they can take over the world, SPECTRE-style.

(Which reminds me of when a friend of mine from England mentioned the Obama action figure in early 2009 at the pre-inauguration height of Obamamania; I replied, no thanks, I voted for the guy who actually did GI Joe-type stuff in real life.)


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