Is There Nothing They Can't Do?

“Dear Koch Brothers, Thanks For Saving The Middle Class.”

As with Jesse Jackson making his obligatory Republicans are Nazis references, another sure sign of the GOP’s resurgence with voters? The left have invented this decade’s Richard Mellon Scaife as an all-purpose boogieman. (Perhaps boogiemen would be better, to account for the Koch Brothers’ plurality. Or boogiepersons, if only to be linguistically correct.)


Or as libertarian Radley Balko recently quipped, “One nice thing about being a libertarian is the opportunity to try new things. One day I’m part of a fringe ideology no one will ever take seriously. The next day I’m part of a billionaire family’s secret plot to take over the country. It’s all very exciting.”

Well, since we won’t be able to afford to drive soon, we have to take our excitement where we can find it.



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