The Telltale Tweet

Newsbusters’ Carolyn Plocher writes:

CNN’s senior business correspondent tweeted recently that Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning is an “embarrassment 2 the Senate, 2 Washington, & 2 politics.” Velshi’s tweet linked to a CNN article titled “Lone Senator Blocks Unemployment Extensions,” which criticized Bunning for demanding fiscal responsibility before passing a $10 billion unemployment package.


Not that it’s much of a disguise, but Velshi is merely the latest CNN journalist to let the mask slip on Twitter. Beyond the Time-Warner-owned cable network , Plocher rounds up a few more of the numerous “objective” journalists to let it all hang out on Twitter, in addition to Roger Ebert’s recent meltdowns there:

Maybe Velshi was just shocked that someone in Congress was actually concerned with paying for something. At any rate, Velshi isn’t the first mainstream mediaite to use Twitter to vent his inner liberalism. ABC’s Katie Couric, for example, gushingly tweeted 14 times last November about the Obama’s state dinner. Last month, MSNBC’s David Shuster used Twitter to attack conservatives with the vulgar term “teabaggers,” and Washington Post’s top editor Raju Narisetti was forced to close his Twitter account six months ago after calling for more spending on health care. On his defunct Twitter page, Narisetti argued, “My tweets have nothing to do with my day job.”


I don’t think Velshi can make that claim, given the giant CNN logo on his tweet. And in any case, few journalists would accept such a response from a politician who tried that defense. On the other hand, I wonder if the powers that be at Twitter realizes what a service their platform has inadvertently done for the general public, by allowing them to further see the punitive liberal mindset that drives so much of the legacy media.

Update: More fun with CNN here: “Rick Sanchez confuses metric system with foreign language,” complete with video.


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