Well, So Much For Questioning Authority

Coming hot on the heels of the legacy media thoroughly botching their reporting of yesterday’s protests (see also Jennifer Rubin’s “Tea Parties a Wake-Up Call for Obama and the MSM”), comes video of radio talk show host/documentary producer John Ziegler being arrested by security guards employed by USC’s Annenberg School of Journalism, for committing, as Ed Morrissey notes, journalism:


From the Someone Left the Irony On Department, John Ziegler gets arrested by security guards outside USC’s Annenberg School of Journalism for committing … er … journalism. He wanted to ask people attending their ceremony honoring Katie Couric with their Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism about the award, and the Annenberg School of Journalism apparently objected to … er … journalism. Watch the whole video, as John provides a good running commentary.

As Ed writes, “The Annenberg School of Journalism … teaching journalists how to stonewall and intimidate … journalists.”

If there are any students inside its ivory–and well protected!–walls who are reading this, I’d love to find out how their professors dissemble their justification for Ziegler’s arrest. “He’s not a real journalist…he’s didn’t attend J-School…he’s not employed by a newspaper…”

All the standard excuses the legacy media has used to attack anyone who dares enter their turf–even as that turf continues to shrink and shrink.


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