Continental Commuter Flight Crashes Near Buffalo, NY

Breaking News on Twitter is reporting “New York State police official tells @BreakingNewsOn that an airliner carrying at least 50 passengers has crashed” in Clarence, near Buffalo, NY.


Early details emerging from AP, which notes that, while it’s a 50-seater plane, New York State police “don’t know whether there were any passengers on the plane”:

New York state police say a 50-passenger commuter plane has crashed into a home in suburban Buffalo.State Trooper John Manthey says the plane hit a house in Clarence around 10:10 p.m. Thursday. The house is engulfed in flames.

He says they don’t know whether there were any passengers on the plane. They also don’t know if there were any injuries in the home.

Manthey says the plane may have been headed to Buffalo Niagara International Airport. He says authorities have called the Federal Aviation Administration.

Further details emerging, from a later AP report: “According to the FAA, 48 people were on board the plane. There is no word about injuries at this time.”

The Drudge Report links to a horrific photo, apparently of the house the plane collided with, here.

More from Breaking News On Twitter:

Officials say multiple people have been killed in the New York commuter plane crash; fatalities include victims on the ground.

More from Breaking News On Twitter:


UPI has a thorough round-up of the early details:

A Continental airliner with 48 people on board crashed into a house igniting a massive fire in the Buffalo, N.Y., suburb of Clarence at 10:20 EST Thursday.

Citing a source at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, the Buffalo News reported 49 people were killed — including 44 passengers, four crew members and one person on the ground. There was no official confirmation of the report.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that Continental flight 3407, flying from Newark, N.J., to the Buffalo/Niagara International Airport for a scheduled 8:48 p.m. arrival crashed with 48 people on board, CNN reported.

The plane has been delayed for two hours, WIVB-TV in Buffalo, reported.

The crew reported problems with the plane as it approached Buffalo Niagara International Airport shortly after 10 p.m. EST, Erie County Executive Chris Collins told the Buffalo News.

Two people on the ground, who were injured, have been treated at a Buffalo hospital.

At least one person was in the home at the time and is reported to have escaped the fire — described as a giant white ball, WIVB-TV reported.


Update: Via Breitbart.TV, early video from the scene, apparently shot by a resident a few blocks from the crash, with his camcorder:

Update: As of Friday, 12:50 AM PST, live streaming local news video of the crash site is available from

Update (9:08 AM PST): Some interesting comments going on under the post in the main Pajamas portal that links here, some of which are from actual pilots.

Update: “Sept. 11 widow killed in Buffalo plane crash.”



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