Destination Reached

Glenn Reynolds writes that “in some quarters, patriotism is the highest form of dissent. Er, or it would be…”

(Somebody should put that on a bumper sticker!)


Back in 2004, Jonah Goldberg looked at the post-Michael Kelly Atlantic and wrote, “The Atlantic is still a great magazine, but it seems to be inching urther and further into official Liberal Magazine Land.”

That destination is concluded, with an article that begins:

If the American idea was to subdue Native Americans and place them at the disposal of European settlers, to import several million Africans to the New World and subject them to a lifetime of slavery, to impose on Asian immigrants a lifetime of discrimination, then perhaps the American idea was not so admirable.

And thus, the post-JFK strain of punitive liberalism rears its ugly head again. Or as Ace of Spades quipped a while back, “Call it the Ike Turner school of patriotism.”


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