Mississippi: Death Toll Rising

There’s an absolutely horrific-sounding thread on Free Republic.com tonight, which begins with this post:

It is with heavy heart I write this…

I have finally reconnected with my best friend who is a paramedic who was sent from Georgia 2 days ago to Gulf Port, Mississippi before the hurricane hit.

He just reached me within the last 10 mins via emergency cell phone to tell me he was alive.

Thousands of bodies have been discovered throughout Mississippi in Gulf Port, Waveland,Hancock County,Bay of St.Louis.

They are hanging in trees and they are pulling them out 30 at a time. Entire families found drowned in their homes and washing up on shore.

The stories he could tell me were brief. National Guard is on the scene and arresting anyone seen on the streets.

The numbers are staggering and what I have been told tonight will shake people to their foundation as the numbers will be coming out in the next 24-hours of just how many people have actually perished in these and 3 other beach communities.

More to follow….


Hopefully, regular readers here know that I’m not someone who believes in Salinger’s Law–“if it’s on the Internet, it must be true!”–and that’s one post I hope is as wrong as humanly possible.

Sadly though, that may not be the case. South Mississippi’s Sun Herald reports, “Hundreds feared dead” in Biloxi. Haley Barbour, a man I’ve never noticed to be a big fan of hyperbole, had this to say:

After touring the destruction by air, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said it is not of case of homes being severely damaged,



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