FOLLOW THE MONEY: Remember when Jim McDermott and David Bonior spoke in Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad in late September of 2002 against President Bush? Orrin Judd links to an AP article which says:


Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington has returned a $5,000 contribution made to his legal defense fund by an Iraqi-American businessman who has acknowledged financial ties with Saddam Hussein’s regime.

In a post titled, “The Money’s Just A Bonus”, Orrin writes, “Does anyone really think Mr. McDermott betrayed his country for the money?”

What about the other half of the Democratic duo? Back on March 15th, we posted:

In The Journal today, Robert L. Pollock looks at “Saddam’s Useful Idiots“, and asks, “Did any Iraqi money filter back to American war critics?”

[Scott] Ritter is prominently mentioned, along with Democratic congressman David Bonior as having ties with Shakir al-Khafaji, a Detroit-area businessman whose name was included in a recently published list of individuals receiving oil money from Saddam Hussein.

And of course Saddam sent ten big ones to this former Democratic congressional staffer as well.

And then there are the boys in the UN



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