KERREY CLARIFIES: Dennis Prager writes:This

KERREY CLARIFIES: Dennis Prager writes:

This is how Bob Kerrey, a member of the 9-11 Commission and former Democratic senator from Nebraska, opened his questioning of Condoleezza Rice before the Commission last week:

“Thank you, Dr. Rice. Let me say at the beginning I’m very impressed, and indeed I’d go as far as to say moved by your story, the story of your life and what you’ve accomplished. It’s quite extraordinary.”


Prager adds, “Like many people of his political persuasion and in his political party, [Kerrey] saw her as an extraordinary black and female well before he saw her as an extraordinary individual”.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Kerrey’s racism is remarkably subtle in comparison with the blatant stuff that Charles Johnson looks at here. In contrast, there was a remarkable sentence that President Bush uttered tonight:

“People want to be free. Some people think that if you’re Muslim, or if you have brown skin, you somehow don’t want to be free. I reject that.”

God, I love that line.


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