Found on The Wall Street Journal’s Best of the Web Today section. I was tempted to call this “outrage of the week” when I first read it, then immediately came to my senses–it ranks fairly low in the outrage department compared to the rest of the headlines so far this week:


What’s Next, Yellow Stars?
Nazi Germany forced homosexuals to wear pink triangles. Cleveland’s WEWS-TV reports on a student Lakeland Community College “who we’ll call Ian,” whom the college tried to force to wear a Nazi-style triangle. “The assignment was to wear a pink triangle around school for the day as a symbol of gay rights and then write about the experience,” the station reports. Ian objected to the assignment on moral grounds. “I asked ‘What if a student were to feel uncomfortable with this–would there be an alternate assignment? [The instructor] said no.”

Ian got an F and was threatened with expulsion, but WEWS says when it contacted the college, it backed down. “When NewsChannel5 spoke with Ian later in the day, his teacher had given him an apology note that read, in part, that the requirement was waived.”

Paging Tom Wolfe–here’s more grist for the book on academia.



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