CHELSEA EXPLOSION: Thankfully, it appears

CHELSEA EXPLOSION: Thankfully, it appears that the blast in the Chelsea district of Manhattan appears to be mishap, not a terrorist act. Although the current explanation is slightly disquieting:


The explosion, according to the fire commissioner, involved volatile chemicals used in etching work by a company in one of the buildings, but few details about the nature of the explosion were available. Earlier, a police spokesman said a boiler in the basement was involved, but authorities later said that was not the case.

The commercial-residential building where the blast occurred houses lofts and businesses, including Kaltech Industries Group, an architectural sign company.

Until I here otherwise, I’m assuming it’s just that–an explosion caused by chemicals used by a sign maker. As he has hopefully learned (and my hope is that he’s pondering this somewhere in the ninth circle of Hell), as “Asparagirl” notes, Osama does not want to mess with New York again:

There’s been an explosion and partial building collapse in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, gay (male) capital of NYC. Accident? Boiler explosion? Car bomb? Real bomb? Osama better watch out, because the last thing he needs right now is 100,000 pissed off gym-pumped gay guys getting on his case. It’s a rare enemy who can piss off both drag queens and the Christian Right in one fell swoop.

Of course, if he were really suicidal, he’d try hitting Park Slope, Brooklyn, Lesbian capital of NYC.


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