REYNOLDS WRAP: Glenn Reynolds' latest

REYNOLDS WRAP: Glenn Reynolds’ latest Tech Central Station column is on the subject of Democrats vs. New Media:

There’s nothing more likely to inflame the Web than a copy-protection bill that is a complete sellout to corporate interests, and that’s what this one is.

Then there’s the loss of moral legitimacy: It’s hard to pose as friends of the little guy against Big Business when you’re taking money from Big Business while taking long-established rights away from the little guy. (Scott Harshbarger of Common Cause calls this move “a shocking fire sale.”)

If the Republicans have any sense, they’ll be making an issue of this in the next elections, painting the Democrats as hypocrites who have sold out to Hollywood, and who are trying to reach, Big Brother-like, into the hearts of American televisions and computers. But even if they don’t, a lot of Web denizens will be saying it, and it’s likely to have a lot of resonance. Because it’s true.



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