CHINA, A POLICE STATE. WHO KNEW??!! Glenn Reynolds, on his InstaPundit.Com site, has a link provided by a reader about a BBC reporter who seems honestly surprised that the People’s Republic of China is a Police State. As Glenn says, “Even though it has, like, Starbucks and Pizza Huts and stuff! I can’t improve on the description from reader Holly Watson, who forwarded the link:


The tone is priceless – he seems genuinely surprised at all this. At first I thought his defiance of the Chinese police thugs was brave – then I realized it was just stupid.

Next up: Beneath the brilliant orange sunsets of Houston’s skyline, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes finds pollution-belching petrochemical facilities.

The BBC article, and its genuinely surprised tone reminds me of Jonah Goldberg’s essay on (actual) headlines like “Scientists Say Men, Women Not Alike.”, “Study: Parents Can Affect Teen Sex”, and an article surprised that researchers have concluded that “Adolescents with tattoos are much more likely than other teenagers to be involved with drugs, alcohol or even gang violence.”

Indeed, if you were to read any one of the stories I cited at the beginning of this column



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