Dr. Helen

Why Bother Going to the Store Anymore?

Have you noticed lately that most stores have become like warehouses with bad products and no basic items in the store? I just spent the day going to Kohl’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy some simple plain white bath accessories. Did they have them? No. I spent 10 minutes trying to find a sales person with no luck and then when I went to check out the two items I didn’t even go there to buy, the cashier said he would send someone to the bath section to help me.

“Okay,” I thought, “maybe I just didn’t see them.” But no, the clerk shrugged and said they didn’t have them after checking the computer. Another woman came up to see if he had a shower head she was looking for and he said, “No, I can order it and you can have it in three or four business days.” The woman had no working shower head and was there to get one. Could she really wait four days to take a shower? I doubt it.

The clerk told me that it might take three or four business days to get my bath accessories. I left, grabbed my computer and ordered the bath accessories through Amazon Prime with free two-day shipping. It’s no wonder these stores are not always doing well. They have nothing to offer.

Maybe the woman looking for a shower head can get this one from Amazon. It beats driving to the store  only to be told that it is not in stock.