Wait, I Thought There Were No Differences Between the Sexes

Yet here women are, saying that the new iPhone is sexist because it requires bigger hands:

Every September, Apple announces the launch of a few new products. This year, the mega tech company is releasing a range of snazzy new phones. But one of Apple’s phones has received a negative response from lots of women thanks to its huge screen size. So, is the new iPhone Xs sexist?

Phone trends seem to come in waves. When they first made their way into our lives, they were huge. Then it was a race to see who could make the smallest flip phone. Now, phone companies are going big once again.

The iPhone Xs is Apple’s biggest phone yet. The standard option has a screen display measuring 5.8 inches but the Max version is even bigger at 6.5 inches. If you’re a man reading this, you probably won’t see the issue. A bigger screen makes for easier reading, right? Well, not if your hands struggle to hold the thing.

Several women took to Twitter to criticise Apple’s latest design strategy, lamenting that the iPhone Xs Max (which replaces the home button with, yes, more screen) will be far too big for the average woman’s hand. Many are also not happy with Apple’s decision to discontinue the much smaller iPhone SE.


Feminists are always telling us there are no differences between the sexes, that women can do anything men can do. Except, sometimes they are too small to do things, like hold a large phone.

Suddenly, it is sexist if products are not produced with women’s smaller frame in mind. But if women need to join the fire department, police department or military, we are told that women are capable and the same as men.

It’s baffling until one realizes that it is about female privilege. Everything in society has to be geared towards women, not men, and any product or activity that men participate in must be infiltrated by women who demand not equal treatment, but special treatment.


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