Dr. Helen

Americans blame shootings on poor mental health care

The National Psychologist had a sidebar this month regarding a poll done by ABC News:

ABC News says a poll taken after the Florida shootings that left 17 dead shows more Americans believe inadequate mental health care is responsible for mass shootings more than lax gun laws.

The poll, taken in conjunction with The Washington Post, asked which of three actions could have prevent the shootings: more effective mental health screening and treatment, stricter gun control or allowing teacher to carry guns. Those polled could only choose one option.

Of 808 respondents, 58 Percent said stricter gun laws cold have prevented the shootings, but 77% said better mental health efforts could have averted it.

About half of those polled would oppose a ban on any type of assault weapons.

Perhaps if the problems of men and boys were taken seriously and addressed in real effective ways, we might cut down on mass shootings. Our current system denigrates anything masculine and offers triggering treatments such as getting rid of “toxic masculinity.” We need good health providers who are trained in men’s issues without discrimination.

And it is not just mental health but law enforcement who needs to take calls and concerns about potentially violent people more seriously and get them the help they need before they explode.