Dr. Helen

What's a Man Card Anyway?

Over at his Grumpy Sloth site, John Hawkins has an article entitled “5 Ways to Forfeit Your Man Card”:

Still, there are some things that even the manliest of masculine manly men can’t get away with on their most masculinely manly days without having their man card permanently pulled.

The article lists the five things that would forfeit a man’s card: 1) geeking out on children’s entertainment such as being a “brony” and talking about little ponies, 2) crying in public under most circumstances, 3) being afraid to shoot a gun 4) being whipped, especially when it comes to women — and finally, 5) refusing to stand up when the situation calls for it.

There’s always this unspoken idea of a “man card” that is interesting. The above seem like good rules for grown adults in most situations although dressing up as Thor and going to a comic book convention doesn’t sound too bad and actually sounds fun and not necessarily unmasculine.

As for the “woman card” (if there is one), I gave mine up long ago, or probably never had one. The one way for women these days to forfeit their “woman card” is to refuse to be a member of the liberal tribe. As a libertarian, I am probably considered a guy.

What do you think of the five ways to forfeit the man card or what are your thoughts on man cards in general?