Robert Reich: "The administration says too many young men have been denied due process. But there's no evidence of this."

Have you ever noticed that liberals just state something as a fact and don’t bother to back it up and that’s just fine to them and their supporters, while conservatives are asked about every last detail of their statements and proof is demanded beyond a shadow of a doubt? As an example, here is Robert Reich who states that young men are doing just fine in the area of due process (via Newsalert):


Last week, the Trump administration also announced that it’s weakening the standard for responding to sexual assault cases at universities.

Why? The administration says too many young men have been denied due process. But there’s no evidence of this. In fact, the standard established by the Obama administration has been working quite well.

There’s only one reason why Trump is doing these things — to shore up his base.

Note that Reich does not bother to mention that the Obama-era standards for universities worked to take away men’s due process rights and Trump’s administration is seeking to restore them, not does Reich mention any proof that this standard is working well. In fact, the following study in an article by K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor says that the standard is not working well at all– for innocent men:

This was a welcome change from the decrees issued by the Obama-era Office for Civil Rights (OCR), which had told colleges to avoid any due process safeguards that would “restrict or unnecessarily delay the protections provided by Title IX” to accusers.

Surveying the damage to fundamental fairness from the Obama-era policies, a recent study by UCLA professor John Villasenor concluded that an innocent student has as much as a one-in-three chance of being found guilty by today’s campus sexual assault tribunals.


Maybe Reich should talk to lawyer Judith Grossman and her son who was accused of sexual misconduct and given few due process rights and would have been doomed if not for his mother helping him. The other young men Reich seems to think are “fine” may not have the luxury of a high powered lawyer for a mother. But hey, no problem there, according to Reich. Obama’s policies were working fine. What an idiot.


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