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A Man's Guide to 'A Day Without Women'

It seems that March 8th will be "A Day Without Women," in which privileged (mostly white) women will protest mainly Donald Trump:

The [progressive] Women’s March organizers have announced the much-anticipated details of their next big show of resistance, the “Day Without A [progressive] Woman” strike which is taking place on March 8.

1. [Progressive] Women take the day off work — whether you are paid or unpaid.

2. Refrain from shopping for the day — or if you must shop, choose small, [progressive] women- and minority-owned businesses.

3. Wear red in solidarity with those participating in and supporting the strike.

You can read more about the strike if you wish to know here, but really, why would you?

Anyway, rather than let it bum you out that women have decided to avoid work and shopping, think of all the perks a man can get on this female-absent holiday. If women don't come to work, the men in the office can relax a bit and not worry that this will be the day a sexual harassment suit will be filed against them. With no women in the office, it will be less likely that a man will be a target. And without women around, maybe the men can get some work done.

If women are wearing red in solidarity with the strike, men will know which ones to avoid and that makes it easy to know which ones will make you a scapegoat at work or miserable in your dating life.