GE to Discriminate Against Men in Order to Meet a 'Gender Ratio'

GE is looking to add 5000 women to STEM jobs (via Newsalert):

In a bid to hit a 50-50 gender ratio in its technical entry-level workforce, General Electric (ge, +0.30%) has announced plans to hire about 5,000 more women in STEM positions by 2020.

The company currently has about 15,000 in those roles, according to Linda Boff, GE’s chief marketing officer in an interview with AdWeek Wednesday.

“The program will significantly increase the representation of women in its engineering, manufacturing, IT and product management roles —a strategy necessary to inject urgency into addressing ongoing gender imbalance in technical fields and fully transform into a digital industrial company,” the company revealed in a blog post.


As Steve Bartin at Newsalert so astutely points out, this would rarely happen if the roles were reversed: “Could you imagine a public school district favoring men as teachers to close the gender imbalance?”

Take a look at the “future of GE,” which shows a picture of a group of self-satisfied looking women with nary a male in sight. Is that the real goal?


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