Dr. Helen

I Knew All Those Vegetables Were Bad for Me

I haven’t eaten many veggies since I found out over ten years ago that I was allergic to many of them and suffered for years without knowing why. I have told people that vegetables are not always good for certain people and I eat only a select few. Mostly, I was looked at with disdain.

Now, doctors concur that some of these so-called healthy foods are making us sick:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Kale, coconuts, and avocados could be bad for you.

Experts say there’s something metallic lurking in those foods, in our water, and elsewhere that could be making us feel miserable.

Anxiety, trouble focusing, exhaustion, and an all around mental funk are familiar symptoms for a lot of people.

“People will come in with very non-specific symptoms; they feel moody, have depression, difficulty falling asleep,” Dr. Svetlana Kogan explained.

After some investigation Dr. Kogan — an internist — said she found that copper is increasingly the culprit…

An increase in vegetable based diets may also be contributing to copper overload, Kogan said.

It’s no wonder so many vegans look malnourished: copper overload.