Men, Is Trump a Litmus Test for Your Relationship?

Men, you'll be glad to know that "The View" is tackling another real social issue: "Trump is ruining people’s sex lives":

On a very Friday edition of “The View,” the panel addressed a previously unmentioned side-effect of Donald Trump’s election in 2016: Is Trump ruining the sex lives of Americans?

Joy Behar opened the topic by asking the men out there: “Have you noticed that your wife is disgusted by the sight of you lately? Would she rather get a root canal than see you naked?”

“Well, you shouldn’t have voted for Trump, okay?” she said. Behar cited one therapist who said her clients have “lost their sex drive since Trump won.” The therapist called it “Trump bedroom backlash.”

“Is Trump causing electile dysfunction?” she asked.

“I think that the sex drive does die and, you know, we are building a wall around our vaginas,” she continued. “The guy [Trump] says it’s okay if he would grab a woman by her you-know-what, and women are either a 10 or a one, or this one’s fat, and you voted for that schmuck?”

“You voted for that? I’m not sleeping with you,” Behar said. “That’s what’s happening,” Sunny Hostin agreed.

Wow. One would think this is parody, although it is "The View," but this is beyond the pale. Your girlfriend or wife won't sleep with you because you didn't vote like her? You believed in the free market and a better economy etc. and now she is punishing you by withholding sex, and she views you as "disgusting"? Seriously? And you are still with her? Guys, you have been warned like you have never been warned before. This is a red flag that you are with the wrong person.

If this is a girlfriend or fiance, get rid of her now. A person who would treat you this way and use sex as a weapon against you is not your friend. And you can bet that any future relationship you have with this woman will be a mistake, with you taking the brunt of her anger when things don't go her way.