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Donald Trump Explains 'The Look' and Why He Is Good with Women

I was struck by a post over at Alpha Game Blog on “The Look” that Trump uses to describe why he is good with women:

Donald Trump explains what makes Alphas appealing:

‘They say every powerful man is good in bed,’ I once asked Donald Trump. ‘That true?’

He smirked. ‘I think there is a certain truth to that, yes. Put it this way, I’ve never had any complaints. A lot of it is down to The Look. It doesn’t mean you have to look like Cary Grant, it means you have to have a certain way about you, a stature. I see successful guys who just don’t have The Look and they are never going to go out with great women.

‘The Look is very important. I don’t really like to talk about it because it sounds very conceited… but it matters.’

Vox Day says “The Look” is “the demonstration of confidence in one’s inherent superiority combined with a lack of shame in one’s interest in women.” Maybe, or maybe as the article mentions, he is at ease with women and people whom he likes and it shows as much as his disdain for those he does not.

Is Trump correct? Do men need “the look” to go out with great women?

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