Dr. Helen

Ex-Sniper Thwarts Girlfriend's Plot to Kill Her Ex

I often wonder how many men are killed by their ex-girlfriend or wife and it is never investigated or is deemed an “accident.” Sometimes if a man is involved, people turn the other way. But here is one case where a man stood up and did the right thing by turning his girlfriend in when she tried to have her ex killed:

KINGSTON — A former Marine sniper, infamous for a wartime video in which he helped urinate on dead Taliban fighters, played the key role in thwarting his glamorous girlfriend’s plot to have her ex-husband killed, authorities said.

Details of what authorities call a murder-for-hire scheme were revealed Thursday afternoon, the day after the girlfriend, Laura Ann Buckingham, 29, was arrested and charged with criminal intent to commit first-degree murder.

Buckingham, who calls herself Laura Lodus on her Facebook page, remains in the Roane County jail under $150,000 bond. She started talking about the incident Wednesday night but then clammed up and asked for a lawyer, 9th Judicial District Attorney General Russell Johnson said.

Buckingham paid an undercover agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to kill her ex-spouse, Bradley Sutherland of New Albany, Ind., Johnson said….

The plot unraveled after Buckingham repeatedly asked her boyfriend, Joseph Chamblin, with whom she shared a Kingston rental home, if he could make her ex-spouse “go away,” according to a Roane County Sheriff’s Office incident report. Chamblin and Buckingham had started dating in April, the report states.

Notice the article is supposed to be about the crime the girlfriend is trying to commit, but the newspaper focuses heavily on the ex-sniper and his part in urinating on Taliban fighters. It either makes for a better story or it’s still better to focus on the misdeeds of men than women, even if the woman is the perpetrator in the current story.