Dr. Helen

I Voted for Trump, So What?

A while back when Tyra Banks had her talk show, she had an episode on the topic of her weight and the bullies who were constantly taunting her because her body was not their ideal any longer. She and some of her female audience went outside in downtown L.A. with signs displaying their true weight without embarrassment or regret. Signs that proudly announced “I weigh 161–so what?” were displayed for the world to see. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I saw it, but one thing that struck me is that at least she was bold in who she was. Maybe Trump voters need to learn from her authenticity. Not that they need much help.

Apparently, they spend all their time writing to National Review’s Kevin Williamson as I learned in a short book he wrote called The Case Against Trump. Some letters from Trump supporters have Williamson writing with a broad brush in his sloppy analysis.

In the pamphlet, Williamson treats the reader to a stereotypical analysis about how Trump supporters are a pack of racists (though he keeps saying that only some of them are just to sound more objective) and homophobes. He states, “But the combination of homoerotic fascination and gay panic that marks the Trump movement is truly remarkable, something unseen in American politics….” The men’s rights movement, like the Trump movement, flits occasionally upon a genuine grievance (e.g., the radically unequal treatment of men and women in divorce and custody law) but is more generally oriented toward wallowing.” Wow, one would expect a lazy rant like this from the liberal side of the aisle but I expected better from Mr. Williamson.

I do understand the concerns about Trump. Some say he is a crony capitalist or that he is an entertainer who shouldn’t be president or his fame is why people are attracted to him. There are a million other concerns but for me, they are outweighed by a couple of more important things. Trump may be over the top at times but unlike the Democratic candidates, I believe he loves this country and while he may be imperfect, his love of country may propel him to do the right thing. He is famous and the concern is that voters will just push the button for someone whose name they know, but if this is the case, then isn’t it better that it is for Trump than a socialist like Sanders? Or that the Republicans lose because Rubio or Cruz don’t have as much name recognition?

Trump may be a crony capitalist but at least he is a capitalist. This is huge. Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist and Hillary, well, she is in it for what Hillary can get out of it. The free market hangs in the hinges of our decisions in November. Trump may not be the perfect choice for someone who is on the right, but we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Sadly, many conservatives and others treat the Trump supporters much like the bullies taunting Tyra about her weight. So maybe it’s time to walk through downtown L.A. with a sign that says, “I voted for Trump, so what?” Instead of shirking in the shadows, it’s time to put the bullies to shame.