Trigger Warning: Women Warned of Possible Consequences of Their Behavior

Have you noticed in the media that any message that does not convey that women are the center of the universe and just brilliant, wonderful human beings is met with the utmost of hostility? A social media storm was set off when the CDC warned young women that drinking could have negative consequences for them or their unborn child (via Newsalert):


Well, that didn’t go well.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week issued new advice aimed at preventing fetal alcohol syndrome — and the warning went over like a flat beer.

Here’s what the CDC said: Women, abstain from drinking if you are trying to get pregnant or are not using birth control when you have sex.

Here’s why the CDC said that: It found that three in four women who plan to get pregnant soon are still drinking alcohol when they stop using birth control.

Women, it seems, are never to be warned by anyone about the consequences of their own behavior. It’s fine for the media or others to tell them they are just swell no matter what they do and the big bad men or anyone who makes them feel bad will be punished or blamed, but it is never okay to tell women that there might be consequences for their behavior. The CDC is just late to the party.


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