Dr. Helen

'Being handsome can actually impede a man's professional progress..'

The Telegraph: “Being a good looking man could hinder your career, study finds”:

Women have long complained that those blessed with good looks are more likely to be promoted at work than their less attractive colleagues.

However, a new study has found that the opposite may be true of men.

Being handsome can actually impede a man’s professional progress, experts found, as male colleagues tend to be reluctant to promote those deemed more good looking than themselves.

Researchers from University College London’s School of Management found that those blessed with the looks of George Clooney or Mad Men’s Don Draper, were considered competent.

But as a result they are perceived as a threat in the workplace.

As such, they are more likely to be rejected for competitive roles requiring individual talent such as sales and investment banking but picked for jobs in which team performance is rewarded, to enable the decision maker to further their own career.

The study, co-authored by academics from the London Business School and the University of Maryland, concluded that contrary to popular belief, the same did not apply to women as being pretty is not associated with competence among female stereotypes.

Have you noticed that stereotypes that women are always saying apply to them actually apply to men instead?