Dr. Helen

'Jenner claims his previous life as a man included “many, many years of isolation.”'

Western Journalism.com:

Forget diamonds; political correctness is Bruce Jenner’s best friend.

Jenner, a former Olympian now proclaiming to be a woman and preferring the name Caitlyn, praised political correctness while he was honored in New York on Nov. 9 as one of the Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year.” He was specifically recognized as the magazine’s “Transgender Champion.”

In his speech to a crowd at Carnegie Hall, Jenner said those criticizing his choice to live the rest of his life as a woman were quickly silenced by political correctness. He credits it with labeling those disapproving of his lifestyle and silencing conservative media critics.

“No longer can the media say bad things about you because then they’d be homophobic,” Jenner said.

Bruce has it only partly correct. Political correctness is his friend as a transgender woman but not as a man. The liberal media along with women’s groups and their influence on society are one reason men are so isolated. The constant male bashing and legal restrictions for men in society mean that more and more men are isolated and like Bruce, a few will turn to being women and others will act in a more feminized manner to blend in.

Others who don’t wish to give up their masculinity to conform to society will continue to be bashed, harassed and blamed for the ills of society. Their feelings, sexuality and behavior will constantly be called into question because of their sex. Bruce Jenner says he likes going out as a woman because “now I can be myself.” If only we could say the same for the men in our society who want to be themselves. It’s unfair and yes, isolating. The real issue here is not for the few men who wish to turn into women. It is for the millions of men who just want to live without discrimination, isolation, and denigration by a society who holds them in contempt.