Dr. Helen

Is Austin Really the "Sugar Daddy Capital" of North America?

Are there really that many Sugar Daddies in Austin? “Probably not”, says the data in an article at CNBC:

SeekingArrangement, a site that facilitates the matching of attractive young “sugar babies” with richer “sugar daddies,” recently released a study claiming that Austin, Texas, is the “sugar daddy capital” of North America.

“All of our women are absolutely gorgeous and looking for a special sugar daddy just like you,” according to the company’s Austin site. “The average sugar baby is a beautiful, ambitious college student, aspiring actress or model, or single mom.”

Supposedly, there are 23 sugar daddies actively seeking sugar babies for every 1,000 adult males in Austin. The Big Crunch finds this figure suspiciously high—and frankly, we would be very surprised if it was accurate given the city’s demographic realities.

There are about 400,000 adult males in the city, according to the latest Census data, so if SeekingArrangement’s numbers are right, there are more than 9,000 sugar daddies living in Austin (a calculation the company confirmed).

Already, that number means that one in every 50 men you see is a sugar daddy, but it becomes even more outlandish if you consider the income necessary to maintain a sugar baby.