Is Marrying Today Really Going to Make A Millennial Guy Rich?

Over at CNBC, there is an article from Jake Novak entitled “Want to get rich? Grow up!”:

When we address the newer and wider wealth gap between the old and young, a lot of experts rightly point out the effects of much higher student loan debt and the recent Great Recession. But it’s not just economics, there is something else at play that is contributing to the generational wealth gap that combines economic, cultural and even emotional factors. And that is the fact that younger Americans are more and more likely to delay their passage into adulthood and the earning power that goes with being a grown up. …

Why is this happening? I’ve discussed before how economics are often just a convenient excuse for delaying those commitment-laden milestones listed above. Again Ladies, if your boyfriend keeps telling you he can’t marry you because of his student loans… well, he’s just not that in to you. It’s not just the economics, but the fact that it’s become more culturally acceptable to behave a certain way past a certain age. And this generally childlike failure to commit is keeping our kids emotionally young and also keeping them financially poor.


Naturally, Novak thinks that men are immature good-for-nothings who have no reason not to marry women and “get rich.” Even when male readers try to enlighten him, he won’t listen and white knight that he appears to be uses a female reader’s letter to show what losers men are as he whole-heartedly agrees that men are a liability to marriage and not necessarily an asset. It’s no wonder millennial men tune out opinions like Novak’s and decide that “growing up” (in other words, providing for and/or serving a female) might not be their best investment.

In today’s anti-male climate, will millennial men get rich by marrying?


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