Is There Anything Men Can't be Blamed For?

I thought about this as I read the title of an article at CNBC: “Is your office too cold? Blame men”:

Complaints about cold offices finally have some basis—it’s likely your male colleagues are to blame.

According to a new research by Maastricht University, the standard used to determine the ideal indoor temperature is based on the body heat of the average man.

Current calculations for building temperatures try to balance average body heat—which is dictated by the body’s metabolic rate—and that of the room or office, in order to find the ideal level of warmth. …

“By taking into account the actual metabolic rate of women, a crucial step can be made in creating more energy-efficient buildings and a more comfortable working area for women,” the release explained.


I like the first comment to the article from William Wallace: “Or they could put on a sweater…”

But that would be too easy and take the fun out of blaming men for all of women’s discomfort in the world.


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