First World Problems: Your coffee is too fussy

The Telegraph: Four in five people are embarrassed by their coffee order:

We Brits love a coffee – but a survey has revealed that 80 per cent of us are not ordering what we really want in a coffee shop, for fear of being judged by our fellow coffee drinkers.

Coffees laden with sugar, flavoured syrups or cream seem to cause particular embarrassment, with one in two people (52 per cent) admitting they would be embarrassed to order a cappuccino if their companion chose something stronger, like a double espresso.

The research found that 55 per cent would scorn someone who ordered a sugary or flavoured coffee, while 52 per cent said they would judge people who ordered a complicated or fussy drink.


I just went to the local Starbucks to get some tea: tall, hot peach flavored, herbal with Splenda. No one batted an eye at my order or anyone else’s: coffee, tea or baked goods, no one cared. Heaping scorn on someone for a coffee drink? This is how Brits spend their time?


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