Dr. Helen

"Where is John Galt?"

Readers often have fascinating questions and I thought maybe commenters here might have some answers for a military reader who wonders where the best place in this country (or the world) is for men to “go Galt” (his data and info has been changed):

Dr. Smith,

I have a question for you. After reading Atlas Shrugged countless times to keep myself sane at an ivy league, I had already decided to go Galt a few years ago and I never asked myself, “who is John Galt?” but rather, “Where is John Galt?” What I mean by this is where would I be able to move and enjoy the most rights and appreciation? I am an earth scientist now and after I have worked at my current job in Colorado enough to credential myself (hopefully within the next year) I think that I will have a valuable enough skill set to be able to work anywhere in the world. I am researching different countries to move to and any input or advice you may have would be greatly appreciated.

My response was as follows:

Thank you so much for your email and for taking the time to read “Men on Strike.” Your question is a very important one. What are the best places to go Galt? What about places where it is cheap to live and no income tax? I like Tennessee myself but it is not everyone’s cup of tea and it might not be the best fit for your job. I might ask readers to answer this question because they often have great ideas.

So if you have ideas about the best places in the country or world for men to go Galt, drop it below so our reader (and others) can benefit.

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