Dr. Helen

Dadly Virtues

I am reading a fun new book edited by Jonathan V. Last called The Dadly Virtues: Adventures in the Worst Job You’ll Ever Love. The book is a compilation of stories about fatherhood and is a refreshing change over all the books out there written from women’s perspective of parenting. An all-star cast of dads is featured including P.J. O’Rourke, Jonah Goldberg, Stephen F. Hayes, Tucker Carlson, Toby Young and Iowahawk’s David Burge and others.

The stories are funny and interesting such as Joe Queenan’s chapter on “Surviving School.” “It’s just as bad the second time around,” he states, …it is an eighteen year plague that had run it’s course…Good riddance.” There are many other fun topics such as:

Matthew Continetti’s, “Newborn Terror: The Moment You Realize that ‘Bundle of Joy’ Is a Euphemism for Something Very Different.”
Stephen F. Hayes’ “Siblings: The Best Gift You’ll Ever Give Your Kids.”
Jonah Goldberg’s “Get Your Kid a Dog: The Moral Case for Pets.”
Tucker Carlson’s “In Praise of Adventure: How to Fill a Child’s Life with Excitement and Danger (without Getting Them Killed).”
Michael Graham’s, “Dating: Enjoy the Movie and Please Keep the Impregnation to a Minimum.”
Christopher Caldwell’s “College: It’s Not as Bad as You Think; It’s Worse.”
Andrew Ferguson’s “Emerging Adults and Empty Nesters: Just When You Had Fatherhood All Figured Out.”
Toby Young’s “The Dark Side: Bad Parenting and the Things We Think, but Do Not Say.”
Joseph Epstein’s “Thanks, Grandpa: Grandfatherhood and the Spirit of the Age.”
And more.

Overall, it’s a good book and a fun way to see what men really think about raising kids.

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