Dr. Helen

The Men have been Listening: What's the Problem?

I had to laugh as I read this article from the Daily Mail on why men don’t want women who want to stay home with kids: “Why are today’s young men so scared of girls who want to have children? Olivia Fane always yearned for a family. Her grown-up sons see life VERY differently”:

So last night I bated my breath and asked my three eldest sons, all over 21, the following outright: if a girl in her 20s wanted to get married, have kids and give up work, would it put you off dating her?

Tom, as the eldest, probably the one who should be most immediately considering family life, baulked at the very question. He’s been with his Spanish girlfriend, Estephania, for four years, and children aren’t even on their radar.

‘I hate that word “marriage”,’ he told me. ‘Marriage belongs to another era. I prefer the word “partnership” because that’s what it should be, a partnership of equals right from the start. Both man and woman should contribute financially to the home, and both should do domestic work. Then they should prove it and not expect a whole year’s maternity leave. It’s scandalous!’

The feminists have been telling men for decades that they want to work just like men. Now the men are asking them to put their money where their mouth is and quit being hypocrites. This son Tom is even doing it in a way that makes himself look like a feminist while standing up for his gender. I love it!